rapidM2M overview with interfaces and data containers


With rapidM2M, it is easy to record data and transmit it to the internet. Within minutes you achieve this first big milestone in your IoT project. With libraries for device interfaces, data processing and transmission as well as example code and tutorials you gain quick wins.

The rapidM2M runtime environment synchronises operating parameters such as time data, logs, registries, device management data and much more. The predefined firmware ensures basic functionality and offers security by design features without additional implementation work.

One form factor enables different uplink technologies such as 2G, 3G 4G, LTE-M, WiFi and LoRa. The user script is compatible with every offered uplink module on the rapidM2M basis. Backward compatibility ensures the long-term validity of the user script.

Regardless of whether you want to develop a Proof of Concept or roll out millions of devices – rapidM2M works in both cases and offers various functionalities for scalability and handling a great number of devices.

In the partner program you gain access to experts‘ knowledge as well as help with the industrialisation of your application (for example hardware and antenna design). Start the free partnership today.

Managed Service - SIM, Updates, Contract, Connectivity, Hosting

SIM Management

Different configurations are required for using SIM chips in IoT or M2M devices. For example, it is recommended to deactivate outgoing calls and SMS as they are redundant and should not be misused. Furthermore, you have to activate every SIM chip in a management console. With managed service, you do not need to concern yourself with these issues, as we take care of SIM management for you.


Connectivity Management

You only pay when the device is used. Normally you pay for every SIM card, no matter if the device is used or not. Consequently, there are continuous costs if you produce several devices and put them in stock. As these do not yet generate any added value, Managed Service does not charge you with any running costs for these SIM cards. There are different billing models which are individually adjusted to your needs, when rolling out many devices. This ensures that the billing model is suitable for your business model.


Contract Management

With Managed Service you do not have to make contracts or handle tariffs for every device. Do not bother with nerve-wracking negotiations. We take care of all these hindering tasks while you are focused on generating real value.


Global Connectivity

Encrypted and secure communication and data transmission is realised via a lean communiation protocol and integrated access to the server into the module. All of this is provided at the same price worldwide.


Security updates, updates implementing new functions and regular server updates keep you up-to-date. Firmware updates OTA (over the air) for the rapidM2M module are available as well as updates for your application script OTA. Furthermore, there is a functionality to update external, connected systems via the comprehensive update functionality from rapidM2M.



Storage for all generated data and virtual home base of your devices. Highly efficient and ground breaking real-time data throughput optimised for massive IoT scenarios. Available in different service delivery options: Dedicated installation or native cloud integration for unlimited number of devices. No geographical borders with single global system for high scalability and high availability.


The rapidM2M platform works together smoothly with the rapidM2M hardware. With this end-to-end solution you get many features out of the box. The platform offers you features for administration, analytics, application and device management as well as development. Due to the digital twin, there is a firmware, application and compatibility management which enables updates over the air.

In the module, all data is zipped. This has significant effects on the time series. The data is not only compressed, but also encrypted. The Security by Design Principles results in an end-to-end security with API encoding, backend encoding and transport encryption.

rapidM2M platform - modules of the server
Jakob Hofer

„The ujo uses Microtronics‘ versatile all-rounder and adds robustness, overvoltage protection and variable power supply. Due to cell’s experience as a system integrator for measurement technology in water management, the commissioning was perfectly adapted to customer requirements. This reduces the complexity so that the installation and configuration can be done by the customer.“

Jakob Hofer

Hardware Development & Electronics - cell GmbH
Ralf Oestreicher

„We have decided to use this technology in order to achieve consistent monitoring for all measuring sites.“

Ralf Oestreicher

CEO UTK – EcoSens GmbH Zeitz
A bunch of selected work over years

Realised projects

In over a decade customers have realized many projects with the rapidM2M technology. Check out the references on the Microtronics website!

Wicell temperature monitoring
Austria lotteries - Best Practices
STIHL iMow robotic mower with integrated rapidM2M technology
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