rapidM2M functional overview for developer - bidirectional communication
rapidM2M is the most valuable storage-to-storage solution for your IoT & M2M application

Core Values

Easier & less work

rapidM2M facilitate your development work. The rapidM2M Studio suits your needs during development perfectly. Example codes & tutorials advance your work and achieve fast results. The rapidM2M ecosystem offers long-term support. Due to the family concept, long-term compatibility from a hardware point of view is guaranteed.

Gaining IoT knowledge

You gain access to over a decade worth of IoT knowledge in hardware, software and services. Tutorials, webinars and trainings offer you the chance to become a real IoT expert yourself. The rapidM2M Partner Program offer an incredible amount of knowledge and direct contact to the experts, even in the free version.

Technical maturity

rapidM2M allows you to transmit managed values to the end point with a mature and secure technology. A broad range of already realised projects proves this technical maturity. You benefit from a lot of example codes and code snippets.

Easy access

It has never been that easy to build your own IoT and M2M solution. The rapidM2M ecosystem supports you in every single phase from the first Proof of Concept to the roll-out and update management of the devices all over the world. Try it on your own and join the rapidM2M Partner Program for free today!

Comprehensive Development Environment

rapidM2M Studio

The web-based IDE rapidM2M Studio supports beginners as well as experts during the development from script to API. rapidM2M Studio is included in the free Partner Program, join now!

rapidM2M Studio - cloud-based IDE
  • Single Point of Service
  • Runs via Web browser
  • Team development
  • Documentation and live help
  • Live compilation with results
  • Test bed for easy application testing
  • All files and source in one central project
  • Project sharing (view/edit/admin)
  • Support for project phases (stage/released)
  • Binaries distribution via application store
Evaluation Board

rapidM2M Base Starter

The rapidM2M Base Starter development board facilitates creating and testing IoT applications and has been made even more user-friendly. The rapidM2M’s complete solution was developed with scalability in mind. From the first and rough Proof of Concept to the worldwide rollout the industrially mature technology is successfully integrated into a multitude of projects.

+Power management IC BQ25892

  • I²C controlled single cell 5-A fast charger with MaxChargeTM technology
  • System power path management
  • High input voltage fast charging

+Humidity & temperature sensor SHT31

  • Fully calibrated, linearised and temperature compensated digital output
  • New CMOSens® sensor chip
  • High reliability and long-term stability
  • High signal-to-noise ratio

+3-axis accelerometer LIS3DSH

  • Ultra-low-power high-performance three-axis linear accelerometer
  • Dynamically selectable full scale
  • Programmable embedded state machines
  • Embedded self-test and FIFO

+User Interface

  • Freely usable RGB and fix colour LED
  • Freely usable button

+Feature rich digital standard interfaces

  • UART
  • SPI
  • I²C

+Wide range of connectivity options

  • rapidM2M module 2G, 3G, 4G etc.
  • LAN, WiFi, NB-IoT etc.

Server Interface via HTTP Request, JSON, TLS encrypted

rapidM2M API

The BACKEND API extends the functionality of backend servers to be able to exchange data between the server and different IT target systems/frontends e.g. websites or smartphone apps.

Data is exchanged in JSON format, TLS encryption and authorization is mandatory.

Information can be queried and changed on the server by the use of the specific HTTP requests.

rapidM2M API Playground
The knowledge base for your success and fast development


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Realised projects

In over a decade customers have realized many projects with the rapidM2M technology. Check out the references on the Microtronics website!

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